Oman National Day

Salam My friends… Hope you are enjoying your mid-of-the week with all the fun that comes with it :-O..
It was the Omani national day yesterday, marking 43 years since His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has been leading the country . Happy national day to all Omanis and all who reside in Oman and have been enjoying all the activities and celebrations that comes with it.
For me I am on my annual leave (less than two weeks to go :() , so I attended my children’s national day ceremony at school, which after two hours my baby daughter started to get irritated and so my two year old niece who was restless during the whole ceremony. My kids seemed to have enjoyed it. They had their traditional costumes on.
They attend swimming class three days a week after school, and had cupcakes celebrating the day too.. All the fun is over now and we are back to our routine.
Got to go and bathe my baby..
Have a blessed day 🙂

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    1. All this WordPress is completely new to me and much confusing :s.. Please check your comment and inform me if you do see it so I know am doing the right thing 😀
      They were yummy I wish they gave me at least two cupcakes 😀


  1. No I don’t see the first 2 comments…I had asked if you had a new baby – I think you did from reading the post about the baby, lol.
    IF you did…congrats sis. I had no idea.


    1. If you wrote something about baby than I didn’t see the comment either,, yeah I did thanks,, and congratulations to you too I read about your baby mashallah too. I sent you an email.
      Love xx


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