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Made with love

Did you ever think that whatever you give might not express how you feel? Or a gift you buy might not send the message you are intending to send?

I will make myself more clear here, I enjoy finding opportunities (whether a special occasion or not a very special occasion) to give my loved ones a card, a present or just a scrap paper or a slip of paper with words that show the receiver my feelings or express gratitude etc. I have a habit that started early in my life of making things on my own (rather than buying them) to give others. I believed, and still do believe that what I make will be made with love,, and will reach the others with more love. Of course this is not always possible but when I can I make whatever I intend to give the others by myself, with all my love, appreciation, and/or gratitude.

I sometimes make headbands for my girls not because I can’t buy nice ones, just because I feel it is more special and personal. Store bought ones might look more beautiful,, but they can’t send that warm love message.


I make small cards, decorate them with simple materials on hand, or small slips of heart shaped cards and leave them for my hubby or kids to find. I did this a lot as a child with my parents as well. They look scruffy most of the time, but filled with love.


I put on extra effort on baking cakes and frosting them for my family. They don’t look nor taste as good as what you can buy… but they are made with love.


I know that buying special things can mean a lot for the receiver,, but maybe not as much as the work that took you (a whole day maybe) to accomplish would mean.


My post is all over the place,, so I will share some useful information to make it a better one. The next piece of information is found on the book (national geographic kids: ALMANAC 2014 ). It belongs to my boy. Although it is directed to kids, I can still learn a lot from this great book.

  • Myth 1: Eating carrots improve your eyesight.

How it started: legend has it that during World War II, British soldiers claimed to have excellent night vision because they consumed carrots. It was actually because of radar, the carrot bit was just used to confuse the Germans.

Why it’s not true: carrots do offer a high dose of vitamin A, which helps you maintain healty eyesight. But eating more of the orange veggies won’t make you see better, only glasses can do that.


More on other myths on my next post inshallah.

Have a great day.



4 رأي حول “Made with love

  1. I feel the same way as you when it comes to homemade little things and gifts. It definitely comes from the heart and it means a lot for the maker and the receiver. It does not have to be perfect, as long as we put all our love in doing it and giving it away.
    Take care dear. And have a beautiful day!


  2. That’s a great way to connect with loved ones…I think you, Marie and I have that in common. I don’t think that store-bought is better, just different 🙂 Love your cupcakes and headband doesn’t look any different.
    Interesting info about the carrot. I didn’t know that.


    1. Dear Salma,
      Thanks for passing by,, yeah I thought its only me, glad you all share the same,, probably it Does make big difference :).. Thanks xx
      Have a blessed week


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