Long weekend

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is a long weekend here in Oman, extra two days with the weekend (National day holiday). I am trying to make it a relaxing one, spending some quality time with the family. It is also marking the end of my holiday since I had my baby girl :(, so I am back to work on Sunday inshallah.

I am not looking forward to working, but hey I have to and I should try and find positive things about going back to work after a much needed leave.

Here are some photos I took yesterday, we did some sightseeing with my kids and parents in Muscat, pictures are not good because it was around sunset and after.

Alalam Palace;


Mutrah Souq


The weather is getting cooler and outdoor activities are much more appreciated…


4 رأي حول “Long weekend

  1. Going back to work is definitely not the best time, but you’re right some things have to be done. But soon you’ll find your marks again and all will be good. How old is your baby girl?
    Enjoy this long weekend as much as you can!!
    Best wishes from France.


    1. Hi Marie,,
      My baby is five months.
      I am back,, yes it is quite a tough week,, but as you said I will find my marks and cope well with it (hopfully :D),,
      thanks dear


  2. Love the first picture. Enjoy your long week-end- I know it’s pathetic but I actually have count-downs to the long week-ends…it’s such a nice time to spend with the family.
    Ahh, you’re back to work- may you find that balance.


    1. Salma,,
      It’s Thursday already…and tomorrow is the start of the weekend..as you said I count the days and I do appreciate the weekend even more.. I think I forgot how this feels :)..
      thanks dear


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