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New year…a better you/me

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I haven’t posted anything since the mid of December 2013,, It has been busy with loads of family commitments,, activities,, work and many other things..

It was good in a way I tried enjoying all that came with the busy period regardless how stressful or tiring it was..

No resolutions made for this year…no long list..except a better me,, a happier family,…and days that pass with matter how small these achievements are..

I’ve decided I’ll try to post pics with my posts in this blog as much as I can. I personally enjoy reading blogs with some visual impact so I guess some are like me. Moreover,, it is something that I can come back to and remember,, sort of a virtual diary I guess…

craft with my artistic daughter :)

craft with my artistic daughter 🙂


and of course some bakng 😀


school visit while our kids had to guide us through their daily activities


same as above


school as well


yummy breakfast on a weekend by mom

Have a blessed day..



4 رأي حول “New year…a better you/me

  1. Happy to read you again Ibtisam. I love this diary post and the breakfast does look yummy!!!
    Have a lovely evening dear and thanks for your kind words. xoxo


  2. You’ve been busy…I knew that, but I always miss when my fave sisters don’t blog.
    That breakfast looks delish…more like brunch? Love the photos from the classroom…I miss those days when my girls were young 😦
    The cakes looks mighty good too, lol. Drooling before breakfast…


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