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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Parenting is the thing I’ve been reading on for over seven years…

U’s drawing

Is it getting easier?…..not at all…

Baby R first day at the beach,,,little feet tickled on the sand…she is 6 months and a half (today)

I am hit by guilt sometimes (maybe most of the time),, with happiness sometimes with the little fulfillment,, Annoyance,, anger,, pain,, lost,, One thing I never think of,,, quitting…

I believe I’ll do it better the next time,,, I’ve the full intention to be better,, and I work hard to be so…So I believe I will get there…


How do you feel about this?..



4 رأي حول “Parenting

  1. Well you can’t quit and I must say that when you feel that pressure it means that you are doing your job. I woke up thinking about all of these things this morning…
    Cute photos. Love them all.


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