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It all comes with experience

The way to create human beings with imagination is to provide them with opportunities to develop it for themselves when they are very young source    I am a firm believer on the importance of letting children explore and find things for themselves (within safe measure) as well as providing them with as much as… تابع قراءةIt all comes with experience

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We all have our fears.. They haunt us sometimes..  We take them to the back of our head other times.. They keep us awake in other times.. Or they just come and go depending on the circumstances..   I've different fears.. I fear losing someone I love.. I fear not coping well with grief.. or… تابع قراءةFear

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To share or not to share; that is the question

A recent decision made by a friend blogger to have a private blog/journal made me rethink again on blogging and how it started with me.  I was blogging anonymously for few years. I wasn't confident enough to blog with my real name. I felt that I might write things which are too personal and regret… تابع قراءةTo share or not to share; that is the question