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To share or not to share; that is the question


A recent decision made by a friend blogger to have a private blog/journal made me rethink again on blogging and how it started with me. 

I was blogging anonymously for few years. I wasn’t confident enough to blog with my real name. I felt that I might write things which are too personal and regret it later.

I have always been a person who doesn’t like sharing much of her life even if it isn’t a big deal or crucial. At the same time I’ve always wanted to write on what I want including what bothers me and touch my feelings and/or what interests me . Writing with my own name seemed much revealing at times. I believed social media world is too small that I can bump into anyone who would recognise me and read between lines or just be judgmental..

Needless to say,, same worries crossed my mind when I wanted to get back to the blog world with my own name. It can be considered a very trivial subject but not for me, coming from my culture,, from a  society that can be too judgmental about anything and everything.  

I decided finally that I’ve the right to write with my own name,, and I have the right to express myself and enjoy the blogosphere world. I am still careful with what I write and with providing too much information.

Does it make any differences for you to write anonymously or not?

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13 رأي حول “To share or not to share; that is the question

  1. I know what you mean, but even with using my names I still don’t tell my family about my blog. I had moments when I really wanted to take back some things that I confided. I don’t know…I go between sharing significant things about my life and then sometimes I want to delete it.
    I think blogging anon isn’t a bad thing either…if you live in a small town or place it might be best.

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  2. Assalamu Alaikkum sis,

    I know what you said… I have been there and decided to write with my actual name.. I do write about my life but so far nothing I felt as if I have not written….

    For me personally, I found that being anonymous doesn’t help anyway. Because, I work, I get social and I live in online world… Keeping anonymity is nothing for someone like me. But I don’t give out too much info that someone can trace back and land up at my home. I use my girl’s photos, but In Sha Allah, will stop using her portraits as she hits five!!

    Here through Salma, guess I am here for the first time! Loved it..Will visit often, In Sha Allah! 🙂

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  3. I definitely understand what you are saying Ibtisam. I always signed with my name. But strangely enough I don’t feel at ease saying some things about my life on the public scene. Like Salma, I am always wondering whether I will keep one post or not, Maybe blogging is not so much about being too personal. I don’t know.
    Being anonymous is handy when you fear for your life or you are afraid that somebody would find you, following links and names.
    Take care

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  4. It’s weird though, because people are less afraid of posting EVERYTHING on FB. To me there is no difference in this day in age. I know Muslimahs who are hijabless on FB and then someone will share their info with another member- that’s weird. Even my husband’s friend – his wife wears hijab, but then on his friend’s page there was a photo of the 2 of them and she was not in hijab…what’s the point?

    Google Plus is getting annoying, and camera phones tell your location (unless you actually turn off the GPS). I think we “think” there’s some privacy left but there isn’t.

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    1. You are absolutely right,, you really made me think now that everything is becoming public in our life if we let it be, it’s so easy to be that way.. And people are not thinking about it as in the case of fb and your husband’s friend wife. I don’t what is next..the only way to remain really in the world of privacy is by stopping using all these smart phones and social media


  5. I honestly started feeling much more comfortable blogging with my real name. It is me and this is how I want to look to the world. I have absolutely no problem being me and expressing myself the way I please.


    1. Salima,,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      The issue of posting anonymously or not just depends on each person’s circumstances and background. And yes it is great posting by your own identity 🙂
      Thanks again


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