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It all comes with experience


The way to create human beings with imagination is to provide them with opportunities to develop it for themselves when they are very young



I am a firm believer on the importance of letting children explore and find things for themselves (within safe measure) as well as providing them with as much as possible opportunities that allow them to do so. I try to be patient with the mess that comes with it though and ignore people interfering with this belief.


It can be funny hard though trying not to give them my piece of advice…

 Like with what they did yesterday…

They insisted that they wanted to get balloons and markers.

I knew this request was for something..

We bought the materials…

They waited with some nagging patiently to get home.

Balloons were blown,, Rabbit faces were drawn on them..

My son was quiet

My daughter couldn’t keep quiet..

She let their little secret out…

They thought that if they did so,, and put the balloons under their beds,, overnight, they’d turn into real rabbits…..ummm

It was cute..

I knew they’d be disappointed the next day.. 

They read somewhere some information that I believe they got it wrong.

I knew my son being the eldest was a bit skeptical..but he did try it..

My daughter was excited though..

They always wanted pets at our place..

I can’t have pets indoor,,

I like them when they are outside,, in someone else’s house,, but not mine.

We live in a rental place without a private garden,, so this makes it more difficult for me :)..

So you can guess what happened the next day…


The balloons were there …

They learnt that balloons can’t turn into something real with flesh and blood..

I am glad they did learn it by themselves..

I didn’t have to say a thing..

They thought I was waiting as they did…

Later that day, they were engaged in another activity…


U’s drawing





6 رأي حول “It all comes with experience

  1. You’re right Itbtisam, we should always let kids do their experiences, as long as they are not dangerous ones.
    I remember experiencing such thing in my childhood after seeing a man transforming toilet paper into a bill of 5 euro!! Or witnessing a man flying after drinking a glass of juice!! I was disapointed for not being able to do the same and then I decided this was not worth it. I was ready for other experiences…
    Have a lovely week dear. Take care.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know it can be so disappointing, but you do move into another experiences :). I was the same actually and couldn’t distinguish between what can be realistic and what is imagination for long time hahahaha.
      I enjoyed reading your response and I would think the same as you at that time :)..
      Thanks for passing by and enjoy your day too x


  2. That is by far the CUTEST story EVER mashaAllah. I am sorry but I was laughing at the thought of their little adventure…
    Yes, it’s better for kids to learn these little lessons on their own. It’s magic…it’s life and they will always come out of these situations with more knowledge and wisdom than ever before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lool I know it is funny. I remember myself drawing little people and putting them behind my bed thinking they’d turn into small humans that will be my friends lol…it was disappointing but I laugh at such thing now :D…
      Such incidences are magic true and they’ve their whole life to learn the reality :)..
      Thanks dear Salma and enjoy your day x


  3. This is utterly cute. Kids are ever so pure and innocent and they have the best imagination there is to have. الله يحفظهم ويخليهم لكم ان شاءالله


    1. I know it sure makes you laugh…That’s why I try to document these moments otherwise I won’t be able to go back and remember how innocent it is to be a child..
      ربي يحفظ لك أحبابك..:)


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