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Weekly Random Photos- and a trip to the UAE


I thought I’d post my weekly random photos with a short post on our trip to UAE. This is because we have been there for few days and just came back yesterday; as kids had a week break from school.

You will notice that we do tend to go to the UAE  (United Arab Emirates) more than once a year. This is because UAE being our neighbouring country with so much fun and entertainment . Moreover, in order to get all the fun we just have to drive for four hours and.. there you are:

Our short trip from Muscat to Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Not that Oman is boring or anything.

It is just a quieter place.. Where we love so much and many trips have been arranged within it before..

With bewitching beauty (I don’t know if I am using the right word) but limited entertainment for young children specially,, and limited shopping choices for mama :).. Abu Dhabi and Dubai were our destination.

UAE is close to Oman not only geographically but culturally as well. It is so common to find Omanis with Emiratis relatives and vice versa.

So will let you enjoy the photographs now..

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, Yas water world
my butterfly on her first experience with swimming


the Zoo
my boy waiting for his dinner
Al Bandar- Abu Dhabi
Ferrari world- Abu Dhabi
Ferrari world
my princess U
Ferrari world
Dubai Mall- the aquarium
Dubai Mall-window shopping


having a break-Dubai mall




6 thoughts on “Weekly Random Photos- and a trip to the UAE

  1. The food looks delicious ans I see your little ones had much fun! It’s so nice to be able to do things with family. Maybe it’s the thing I am missing the most, being on my own with sweet Mister Pop, thinking it might be just him and me today and tomorrow. But maybe it will be all good too!!!!


    1. Marie,,
      It was great…
      I know how you feel. However no one knows what God will bring to us all at anytime…It is how we take what we have.. Each thing as a blessing..
      For you, your life as a couple was not safe and was tough…
      Hope things will get better and better dear..
      Will keep you in my prayers…:)


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