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Communicate and others…


I hate that I haven’t been able to post any sooner than this. The last couple of weeks have been so hectic for myself and the family. My baby daughter fall sick for over a week and then it was me and before that was my mom who watches after my baby when I am at work. With weather changes everyone seems to not feel well. It is getting hotter by the day and air conditioning/conditioners are on and off.

I have also been part of a team preparing for an annual event at work, which took the remaining of my energy and time. The event was yesterday and I can finally do something on evenings besides falling asleep as soon as I’ve the time :D.


Unfortunately I haven’t taken much photographs this week as my sister-in-law borrowed the camera for her sister’s wedding (I really feel I am boring you here with all the details).

I’ve many plans now, first of all is to start finish working on a presentation that I have to give on Thursday this week. I’ve to start working out as well which has been stopped and postponed for long. Other plans on head to be announced on the right time.

For now, my plan is to clean my room and finish making dinner for kids :S.




4 رأي حول “Communicate and others…

  1. I was laughing as I read your post…not because it’s funny but because it made me think about all the times that I want to write something and I think no one will be interested in the details, BUT, I am truly interested in the details. I really want to see how other moms live simply:)
    You’ve been mighty busy. I am glad to see that you are getting some time to yourself.

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    1. Salma,,
      you made me pause and think for a while,, I love reading details in other’s blogs..but I really do believe if I go into details I will bore and chase people away from my blog lol..
      I am suppose to be working on my presentation and I am here reading blogs…time management issue :)..


  2. Happy to read you again Ibtisam. Life can be hectic sometime. Like Salma, I like reading how other women and mums deal with life in general. Maybe I feel completely normal, after all!!!
    Stay well and read you soon.

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