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The way she is..



Once upon a time,,

There was a girl..

Desperate to be accepted..


Not sure how to behave so she can be ‘accepted’..


She believed she was ugly, ‘it must be the reason no one likes me’,  she thought..

So she spent hours in front of the mirror, trying to find something beautiful in her..

But she couldn’t find any..


‘It must be the way I talk’ she thought.. she spent hours in front of the mirror, trying to imitate another girl who was loved by all girls and teachers..  Or so she thought..


‘It must be the things I talk about, yes, I am a boring person and no one would listen to me when I talk’.. So she spent days and days focusing on what other girls say….


Few years later…

She still looked the same..

She made the same conversations..

She talked the same..

But she didn’t try to be different. .. Anymore..

She is happy the way she is…

At last..






4 رأي حول “The way she is..

  1. Very nice story Ibtisam. We grow up wanting to be the same as others, feeling something is wrong with us.
    And one day we realize we are just where we are supposed to be and we are perfect the way we are.


  2. Who cannot relate to this..? When I feel sad and lonely even useless I try to let it pass- and it usually does alhamdullelah. I think the best thing is realizing that EVERYBODY no matter how beautiful or smart has insecurities too.
    Thanks for sharing this sis 🙂


    1. You are welcome dear..
      Accepting it as part of us no matter how we turn out to be is a stage that I appreciate ..
      Yeah, as I grow older I realise that it is too common..and it is normal..:)..


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