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Cultural Diversity…



I come from a culture that is bound to make you feel protected at times, or lack privacy and personal identity at other times. It is very acceptable to get comments like ‘you are still not pregnant’ after being married for few months and receiving endless (usually unwanted) advice on specific alternative medication that ‘Miraculously‘ helped someone getting pregnant. This can happen within minutes of meeting a woman who you probably met once or who only knows your mother. Your opinion on such matter doesn’t count that much and you’ll be nodding your head with a faint smile. Don’t get me started on the subject of raising children, most people will turn into doctors/social workers, teachers and even psychologists and provide you with the ‘how such thing worked for so and so’ piece of advice. It can be irritating when some strange advice is enforced upon you, however I do find it amusing most of the time. This is particularly true if you keep in mind that these people usually mean good and believe they are responsible for spreading knowledge that might after all bring happiness to everyone.

On the other hand, these same people make you feel grateful in occasions such as weddings, funerals and religious celebrations. They are there before you know, providing moral and/or financial support, taking their time to make sure everything is alright with you, and more.
I come from a collectivist culture where it is more important to be part of a big ‘tribe’ more than being an individual ‘you’. You do present yourself to some extent but in big matters you present the whole family. Your child’s success is the success of the whole tribe, and his/her failure is going to affect it all. It is very common to hear comments such as ‘the specific family is so decent’ just because of one person’s achievement in that family, and I mean by family three or four generations.

The culture is changing now . It is moving towards adding some individualistic characteristics. This balance is more beautiful. It emphasizes the personal identity while keeping the cultural values that bring us together when we need them.

How is it with your culture?




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  1. I hate our culture. I find it irritating not amusing anymore. Everyone sticks their noses into your business and are always gleeful when things go wrong and gossip like mad. That’s why I try to keep myself to myself now!


  2. Interesting Ibrisam.
    It’s a bit different in my culture. Nowadays, the reference comes from advertisement and models created by society.
    People tend to look at themselves first, before giving a hand. Family is less and less important. I think we really need to refocus on what is important, as we are way too quickly loosing track of life most important things.
    Take care.


  3. From my experience I have seen the beauty and the awful side.Support and the presence of kind people is always a blessing, I too agree that times (weddings, funerals) would be difficult without others. I also agree that the community/family should play a role- it’s so important for kids to grow up feeling loved and protected by all – Sadly I just don’t think it plays out that way most times. I feel that people are there to question and meddle more than anything.

    In our cross-cultural marriage my husband and I have many arguments about things that I just cannot understand. It`s huge. I value my privacy because I look at it this way- speaking just for the sake of speaking is just not going to get me anywhere. I like to say I am busy without having to give a full account of what I am doing. That’s adulthood. I don`t like to be put on the spot. I don`t like to be questioned or interrogated in front of my children. I find those things disrespectful-I don`t do it to others.

    I think many are well-meaning BUT I don`t think they realize that they are not giving Islamic advice etc. They are caught up with old-wives tales and their own upbringing- not Islam.

    I agree with Fozia…many people are happy when things go wrong for other and back-biting- that`s another story.

    Salam sis!

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    1. True Salma,,
      I believe as people become more educated and understand the real values of religion, all the interfering and gossiping is much more reduced. I do notice it in my family, the more a person is educated, filling their time with useful things,,the less their stick their nose in others’ issues…Alhamdulilah we don’t get the negative side of it that much..


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