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The depressed ‘Lady’



Depression is a strange feeling  that spares no one, even animals. It managed to engulf ‘Lady’ the Gorilla in Al- Ain Zoo (in UAE) whom we happened to see on our EidulAdha Holidays this year. The famous ‘Lady’ is the oldest inhabitant of Al-Ain zoo. She was born on 1974 in Cameroon and taken to Al-Ain zoo since the age of four. Her male companion, as per the Emirati tour guide, died since 1998.

An attempt by the zoo administration to restore her old self through bringing another male gorilla failed; I remember the guide telling us. So another idea came up;  providing her with a plasma TV that can fill her time and maybe take her mind out of her emotional state.  She was finally interested in something, as she enjoyed it and even started using the remote control to change channels!

A brown domestic rabbit was brought to Lady last year to give her company. She loved it and almost thought of it as her ‘adopted baby’.

I found the story of ‘Lady’ the gorilla interesting. It just reflects some human emotions that many pass through and how they deal with them. People can ‘shut’ themselves from the world and become addicted to one thing or another. This thing can be television, computers, drugs, alcohol or any other thing that can take their mind off thinking of their agony, even if it is temporary only.

Another thing that can take a person’s mind from their emotional state is being engaged in some social behaviour that can direct emotions into something more fulfilling. Volunteering in charity work or developing a hobby or even owning a pet to name a few.   

What do you think?

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  1. It is true. We are social animals. We need to connect with others, to find something that exists outside of our worries, and our day-to-day lives. There will always be change- and when we have the strength to anticipate and go through it gracefully, we have overcome.

    Beautiful words.

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  2. Very interesting Ibtisam.
    Interacting with others is definitely the best thing to do, when we feel depressed. It can be tricky but at some stage, we start seeing life differently.
    It is much better than throwing ourselves in some kind of addiction.
    Take care.

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