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Life changes and more


It has been ages since I last posted here. So many things have happened. It has been a tough period and I am thankful that God has granted us the strength and blessed us with so many things to be able to pass through it.

I have never mentioned before that my dearest mother is suffering from metastatic colon cancer. It is very hard even thinking about it, and for the last month she has not been feeling well. Our life has been sort of hectic and stressful. We pray day and night that she gets well, inshallah.

I have recently mentioned that I am having some changes in my life. Well, I have resigned from my job as a speech and language therapist. I have started working on establishing a small edutainment centre. I have always wanted to work for myself, be my own boss and still work closely with children. More details on this as soon as I open the place :).

So I am moving towards achieving my dream, inshallah. 

I will keep updating this blog whenever possible, because I really do miss writing.




3 thoughts on “Life changes and more

  1. Keeping you, your mum and your family in my prayers. Cancer is such a tough illness, leaving everyboy exhausted and in pain.
    Salma told me you had projects. I am to see that things are moving for you and that you are on for a new life. Wishing you the best Ibtisam.
    Take care.


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