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Educate to protect

B starts his first year at school with so much excitement. His parents are so proud of him. However, they are concerned on how will he perform at school. Will he be a smart boy that gets straight A’s each year? Will he be struggling with math or spelling maybe? B’s parents might as well have some concern regarding whether he will be able to make friends or not.

Many parents might not think of other issues at this point, or they might never think of any other worrying issues even later on their child’s life. Issues such as bullying, harassment, peer pressure, confidence issues and maybe more on the same line.

Such subjects affect children immensely and guess what? The main problem is that a child can go through them while not being aware that they are problems. He/she wouldn’t know that what happens isn’t normal and it shouldn’t be happening. The child wouldn’t know that a help can be provided and that he/she must have a support system. He/she will grow up not knowing that he is no less than others, and not superior to others as well for any reason.

This child will grow into being an adult, will raise a family, have his children in school again believing that whatever he went through is part of life. Or maybe not thinking to stop the circle and sit down with his own children, discussing all these issues with them when it’s the right time.


I am working on an idea of running short courses to school children targeting all the above issues. I sit with my children talking to them all the time about such matters that can affect them in one stage or the other. They have to believe that whatever causes distress or pain should not be considered normal and should not be tolerated. They should believe that they are unique, each one of them. All children should know about issues that could arise in different settings and be able to understand them. Educating children and providing the necessary knowledge is our first step to breaking the circle of whatever problem they struggle with.

Knowledge is empowerment and it is so significant to little ones if we really care about making their lives better.

Do you know of any initiatives that help/educate/support children?


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  1. This is something I would love to see more around here.
    I was bullied at school, so I know what you are talking about. I would never wish any child to know anything about this. But it can happen Ibtisam. And preparing our kids can definitely protect them and guide them to ask for help when needed.

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    1. Yes it happens a lot. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom always ..
      These issues are not covered enough although they affect the child life tremendously..
      Apologies for my late reply as WordPress doesn’t seem to work smoothly with me these last few weeks ..

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