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هل ملأت دلواً اليوم؟ موضوع في الوعي الذاتي والاحترام

  في ستينيات القرن الماضي, جاء الدكتور الأمريكي دونالد كليفتون بفكرة الدلو الذي نملأه ونفرغه حسب مشاعرنا بحيث يمكننا أن نملأه بالمشاعر السلبية أو الإيجابية, وبعدها قام ومع حفيده توم راث بتأليف كتاب "هل دلوك ممتلئ؟ استراتيجيات إيجابية لحياتك وعملك" واستمرت بحوثات الطبيب النفسي دونالد في هذا المجال إلى ما قبل وفاته (2003) وما زال… تابع قراءةهل ملأت دلواً اليوم؟ موضوع في الوعي الذاتي والاحترام

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Black milk: an identity crisis

The moment I saw the title of the book, I knew what the author meant as if it was written for me. Black Milk by Elif Shafak, renowned novelist from Turkey, is a memoir described as ‘a thoughtful and incisive meditation on literature, motherhood, and spiritual well-being.’ Although I enjoy reading, I am not good at writing book reviews. As a… تابع قراءةBlack milk: an identity crisis

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A reading dilemma

This was a post I contributed to for here : Being a bookworm myself, reading has been an issue of interest for me for ages. I believe reading is what made me the person I am today and surely will keep adding more to my personality as I grow older. “A reader lives… تابع قراءةA reading dilemma

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Photos of over two months..

What would you call an over-a-month without blogging, Craziness maybe,, deserting the blog during the hot desert weather, hah, I am trying to be funny so I can be excused :D.. As I promised, I will be posting some pics of my 'iPlay Smart' place after the long wait. It has been over two months… تابع قراءةPhotos of over two months..