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Eid Mubarak


Life has been busy as usual. 

The weekdays pass with the usual routine of school, work, making dinner, sleeping etc. 

The weekends pass with social commitments, some quality time spent with hubby (when he is not at work) and kids plus shopping for the grocery and other stuff.

Some change in this routine is appreciated, and it just happened with the Eid 

Eid Mubarak to all.. May your days be filled with happiness and contentment. 


(note: I haven’t been taking any photos recently and I’ve been relying on others taking photos of us 😀 )

(another note: I am postponing my plan for interviewing moms for the time being due to other things I am busy with)


an Eid craft, pic taken with my phone :S
An Eid craft, pic taken with my phone :S





4 رأي حول “Eid Mubarak

  1. I love that picture…who drew it? I hope you had a blessed celebration with your family. Here we celebrate one day…really, and sometimes we don’t necessarily get that day off, so it’s up and down.


    1. I drew the boy and the girl lol, kids refused to do the drawing :). I remember it being the same in Scotland, you don’t even feel the Eid being in the usual University routine


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