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أنت لا تنتمي

"كنت أشعر أن أهلي سيتخلون عني في أي لحظة"...جملة قرأتها منذ فترة ولا اذكر أين عن طفل يصف المشاعر التي صاحبته في طفولته المبكرة وبين والديه وأخوته. والسبب؟ غضب والده عليه أحيانا عندما يتشاجر مع أخوته وهم بمشاوير السيارة وتهديده أنه سينزله من السيارة ويبتعد عنه..وآخر يقول أنه لم يشعر يوماً أنه فرد من العائلة… Continue reading أنت لا تنتمي

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Between life and death

Yesterday, I stayed up late. It has been the case for the last month or so.  Sleep hasn't been a priority initially, but for the last week it has been a privilege that takes me away from the reality. Yesterday after midnight, I thought to myself that maybe writing will do me some good. On… Continue reading Between life and death

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Photos of over two months..

What would you call an over-a-month without blogging, Craziness maybe,, deserting the blog during the hot desert weather, hah, I am trying to be funny so I can be excused :D.. As I promised, I will be posting some pics of my 'iPlay Smart' place after the long wait. It has been over two months… Continue reading Photos of over two months..

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Empowering Women, the reality

My blog post I wrote for world moms blog,, in the following link: Sometime in the late 1960s, there was a six-year-old girl whose father did not believe education was of any benefit to her. However, because her eldest brother took a stand that education was her right, she went to school and was quite… Continue reading Empowering Women, the reality