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Smiles.. and a lesson for me..



A conversation with my children (was in Arabic and sounded much better before my translation here :D):


Me while taking little R to the bathroom, “babies love to smile, be like them. It’s good to smile as much as you can”.

U: “but why grownups don’t smile so often?”

Me: “because they forget to smile sometimes”

H: “but why?”

Me: “emm, because they are so busy thinking of so many things and working on different things they forget to smile sometimes”

Both looking at me, not totally getting my concept.

Me: “You can remind the grownups to smile. you can remind me and baba to smile whenever we forget to do so. It is so beautiful to smile”


“Smiling in the face of your brother is an act of charity..” (Hadith)






6 رأي حول “Smiles.. and a lesson for me..

  1. Subhanallah it is true! We forget to smile, we forget to chill and when we remember sometimes they are out and not around. It is important to let our children see us less busy in better moods but motherhood sometimes just does not allow it.


  2. We have much to learn from our kids Ibtisam!
    I love to see children laughing and smiling, it always makes me think I should do the same. Life would be much easier too.


  3. Cute conversation, they are so perceptive 🙂 and yes, I know the language is different and we get lost in translation, lol. Smiling is hard for me too (not hard to do…I just forget to do it, ha ha ha), my girls are always telling me “…mom smile more…”.


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