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We all have our fears..

They haunt us sometimes.. 

We take them to the back of our head other times..

They keep us awake in other times..

Or they just come and go depending on the circumstances..


I’ve different fears..

I fear losing someone I love..

I fear not coping well with grief.. or with different situations..

I fear failing the ones I love..

Or failing myself..

I fear not being a good example for my children..

I fear they might grow up feeling hurt by some things I failed them in..

I fear I might be unfair to someone…

Or making the wrong decisions..


However I always wrap these fears with trust on my Creator and supplications for guidance..

I keep reminding myself that God (Allah) will not give me something above my capacity to bear..

I remind myself that everything happens for a reason. It might not be what we love but it must be for a better reason than what we wish for/or know.

What do you feel about this issue?…





7 رأي حول “Fear

  1. Fear is a constant. I too fear the things you do- or the outcome. When I am going through something I feel awful about it but after I keep saying alhamdullelah. If you lose someone you will never get over it but you will move on. If you let your kids down hopefully they will know how much you love them and that you are a human.

    On the other hand, I don’t know that I believe that God will not give me more than I can bear. I believe through our tests we are stronger, more empathetic and faithful. We are tested with different things…great wealth is just as much a test as poverty or war.
    Great post, and I pray that you will always feel the fear and just keep going. I think that’s what we’re suppose to do.


    1. Great reply Salma. It is a scary thing.. We just have to move on as you said .. You are absolutely right,, it should make us more empathetic and stronger .. It is indeed a test like everything else ..
      Have a lovely week


  2. Fear is part of us Ibtisam. I have many fears too. We can’t erase it fully from our lives, but we ought to not let it block us from living and loving.


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