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Sugar-free life..


As a mother, I hold myself responsible for whatever goes into my children’s (and Hubby sometimes:)) stomach. I have always been concerned regarding their consumption of junk food and have been almost able to cut it down 99% of the time from their diet. Fast food restaurants have been out of our list for the last four or five years.

However, two things have been invading our diet, sugar and bleached flour and I won’t go on here about how bad their effect is on our health because there are tons of information on that.

I have children with sweet tooth and who are so fussy that not many choices of food can satisfy them. This makes it even harder for me to think of substitutes, but it is a challenge for a better healthy lifestyle. So it is worth the attempt.

So cutting back the consumption of sugar in my house is the goal for this month. We will still have sweet treats but just substitute the refined sugar with a better/healthier choice, maybe fruits or honey.

So less refined sugar for this month, and I will keep you updated hopefully.




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  1. Good for you sis! I’m there right now this…feels like I am winning the battle at times – then not. It’s hard, just a continuous journey. I see other people, it’s easy for them to cut sugar, eat organic etc, but the drink, smoke…God knows, so in the end, we do what we can.

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